I work with perimenopausal women who have digestive issues such as IBS and SIBO

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Are you sick of 'just not feeling right?' Are you ready to take control of your health?


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Digestive & Hormonal Freedom

Are you tired of planning your life around your hormonal and digestive health issues? Are you looking for digestive and hormonal freedom?

Are you stuck on the perimenopausal hormonal rollercoaster? Hot flushes? Hot sweats that can break out at any time of the day? Heavy periods? Brain fog? Poor memory? Weight gain? Low libido? Reoccuring UTIs? Vaginal Dryness/itching/inflammation? Poor sleep? Low energy? Food sensitivities/allergies?

Are you fed up with not being taken seriously when discussing your ‘digestive problems’ or 'hormonal issues' with other health professionals? Are you sick of paying for lots of expensive testing and still not getting any answers as some are coming back as 'normal', but you still 'just don't feel right?'

Is tummy pain and/or bloating affecting you daily? Do you suffer from constipation? Or do you have diarrhoea or loose bowels after eating? Bad breath? Do have burp a lot after meals or pass a lot of wind? Have you noticed certain foods upset your tummy? Do you suffer from acne or other skin conditions? Did you know that these are all signs of digestive imbalances.

Hormonal imbalances can include - being exhausted, anxious or overwhelmed. Are your periods heavy and/or painful? Do you have PCOS? Is your hair falling out or are you growing hair in unusual places? Do suffer from mood swings, have sore boobs before your period or lower back pain? Are you putting on weight and can't seem to lose it again? Do you suffer from hormonal acne?

Long COVID - Post viral support is another area that I'm working in due to the effects on peoples health in our current environment along with the many other viral infections that affect people of all ages.

Have you been affected by environmental mould? This can present as many health conditions and trying to get answers from different professionals has been costly. Do you still feel 'just not right?' I'm currently working with clients along with ordering the correct tests, that have shown that they have an underlying mould illness. Living in Queensland and other parts of Australia with higher levels of humidity can cause a lot of families to be affected by environmental mould.

Not getting the right treatment and/or answers is so frustrating, but it doesn't have to be this way as I can show you how to have digestive and hormonal freedom and get your life and energy back again.

I have over 20 years experience working in the health sector and I obtained my Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) in 2013 as I have a passion for working with women and men of all ages to achieve digestive and hormonal freedom. I believe you should all be free from worrying about why you 'just don't feel right!'

Healthy ageing is essential for everyone of us as we are a nation that is living longer. Our 40s and 50s is where we really need to work on achieving this as there are many hormonal changes that we go through to get to our next life stage.

I work mostly with women who are in their 40s and 50s who are going through this transition and are experiencing digestive issues such as SIBO or IBS along with hormonal imbalances of perimenopause.

Balancing your hormones and supporting your adrenal health and thyroid function along with working on your digestive health is important for each one of us.

Post viral support such as Long COVID is becoming more sort after due to the many health related conditions that people have been experiencing over the past few years. There are many viruses out in the community that are affecting us on many levels. Exhaustion, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, respiratory issues, lowered immunity, auto immune conditions, cardiovascular issues, thyroid health and many more can stem from a previous viral infection. 

As a Naturopath I work with a holistic health care method using an individual approach which includes evidence based natural medicine, traditional philosophies and testing to get to the root cause of why you 'just don't feel right.'

I will advise on dietary changes and will support your dietary choices such as plant based diets and diets that incorporate meat. Along with lifestyle tips that are easy to add into your daily routine as well as adding herbal formulas (these can be non alcohol based), nutritional medicines and flower essences specific to your needs.

Hi, I'm Katrina

I feel your digestive pain and frustration as I’ve been there as well. I studied at Endeavor College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane where I obtained my BHSc (Nat) and in 2013 I became a degree qualified Naturopath.

I was so over my digestive health issues and 'just not feeling right.' I have finally got on top of them! SIBO had been my underlying cause which had gone undiagnosed and incorrectly treated over the years. I did have relief from my symptoms and got on with my daily life but underneath I 'just didn't feel right.'

My SIBO had flared back up again in 2020 and I was greatful that I was able to take the time to treat myself. I am now SIBO free. Having both perimenopausal symptoms and digestive health issues (SIBO or IBS) is what I call a double whammy! I knew that I wasn't alone with these symptoms and neither are you. All of these are able to be treated naturally and successfully.

Perimenopause begins in our early 40s and can last for up to ten years before we begin our menopause journey. I am now mid-way through my perimenopausal journey - (I've suffered from most of the known hormonal issues) and now feel well again.

Are you seeking the help of a qualified Naturopath that know's exactly what you are going through?

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What my clients say

I saw Katrina as my periods were heavy and painful and I was over having to put up with this each month!

I noticed a difference within the next month as my periods were less heavy and the pain had reduced a lot.

The following month I had even more noticeable improvements. After 6 months of getting my periods back into its new cycle I feel so much better!


I suffered from IBS (diarrhoea) for many years. I thought that going to the toilet after meals and up to 5 times a day was going to be my normal way of living.

Katrina recommended that I should be tested for SIBO and it came back positive to hydrogen gas. I was also treated for parasites as had travelled overseas prior to having my IBS symptoms. I have completed my SIBO treatment and I’m now enjoying my life again


I’ve tried so many diets over the years and was constantly yo-yoing with my weight and digestive symptoms. I was recommended by a friend to see Katrina and I tried her Repair, Re-balance and Restore Program and found that this made such a huge difference to my symptoms.

I’ve lost weight and have maintained this along with my digestive issues have gone away!” Now I’m focusing on maintaining my weight loss with Katrina’s help.


I am so happy with what you have done for my wife, she is a new woman! I wish we had found you years ago as she is now able to have her life back as she has pain free periods and her perimenopausal symptoms have gone.

I am more than happy to have you work with me to reduce my stress levels, sleep through the night and I need more energy as I'm about to start a new job (which is a high pressure managerial position).


Thank you for recommending a total body reset - I'm feeling so much better as I no longer suffer from dreadful mood swings, I'm eating better, I've lost weight and have had the confidence to change careers.


I have suffered from digestive health issues for many years. My main issues were bloating, constipation, reflux and abdominal pain. Katrina recommended that I be tested for SIBO as my symptoms were similar but she stated the importance of WHY I need to be tested. Without knowing exactly why I have these symptoms could lead to being incorrectly treated and that can do more damage to my digestive system.

I tested positive to SIBO (C) and followed the treatment plan and took my prescribed supplements. I am so happy as I now have digestive freedom!!